Starting from early childhood, I have always had a passion for artistic expression, this has been my 'Own Little World'.

As a self-taught artist, my Mother has always been my biggest creative enabler. From buying me my first box of crayons, right up too getting me started on painting wineglasses, her support has helped me to grow into the artist I am today.

I would describe my style as ‘Perspective’, I strive too create paintings with a depth so the observer feels they are inside of that little world that I have created. Acrylic is my medium of choice, I love the bright bold hues, it enables me to colour a world as bright as I want it.

I have always enjoyed creating unique pieces as gifts for my loved ones. Their homes have been my art gallery, so with a lot of encouragement from them, in the summer of 2016, I launched 'NN Creative Designs. It has been a very exciting experience, and I feel very blessed with the response debuting art is receiving.

I would have too say one of the biggest blessings on this artistic journey of mine, has been the ability to create customized work for people. Too give them a keepsake for the special memories they wish to hold close, whether it’s a photo from a vacation, a beloved pet, and any other customized piece that is just for them.

I hope you enjoy my Creative Designs as I expand my Own Little World out to the rest of the World.